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All Assam Students’ Union unit thunders against CAA in Guwahati

GUWAHATI: The All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) on Saturday sounded brajra garjan against the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) with the beat of drums and said in unison that Assam will not shoulder the responsibility of a single Bangladeshi.

Including senior citizens and artiste fraternity over hundreds of protestors participated in the anti-CAA protest led by the Chandmari Students’ Union at Assam Engineering Institute playground, Chandmari in association with the Bamunimaidam Students’ Union, Zoo-Narengi Students’ Union and people of East Guwahati. Protestors at the brajra garjan raised their voice against the government and the CAA through various media, including parody songs and acting.

Addressing the gathering music director Ajoy Phukan said that the people of Assam have already proved its unity by taking to the streets against the government with a common demand – the cancellation of the CAA. Phukan said, “The government has forced us to observe the Silpi Divas along with CAA protest. The government is also trying to buy some of the artistes by announcing rewards. However, the artistes aren’t sellable products. We’ll not call them as artistes who are bowing their heads in front of the government. Now the government is going to the extent to try and buy even the student community.” Phukan further appealed to the people of Assam to stay united and to come together against the anti-Assam Act. Talking to the media, one of the AASU leaders Simanta Thakuria said, “The AASU has already started its mission at every stage, including the villages, to create awareness among the public. The AASU will carry more massive protests with people from every walk of life to let the Centre know that Assam and Assamese people will never accept the anti-Assam CAA.”

News Source The Sentinel

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