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Assam skill-mapping migrant workers

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GUWAHATI: The Assam government has started an initiative to maintain records of migrant workers returning to the state on the basis of their age, skills and other parameters so that they can get employement.

According to government estimates, around 3.41 lakh people have returned to the state during the lockdown.
SAMPARKA (Software Application for Migrated Person to Assam for Rejuvenating Karma Abhiyan), launched by the P&RD department, has so far registered about 17,000 migrant workers eligible for the facilities, including job cards under MGNREGA.

Officials, however, are verifying the details of the each returnee minutely so that frauds do not register their names to avail the benefits. “As of now, we have 17,034 individuals registered in the platform from various parts of Assam,” said commissioner of the P&RD department Hemen Das.

Software developed to help solve migrants’ unemployment problem

He added, “With this software, the department is hoping to solve the problem of unemployment of migrant workers to a great extent effectively. The SAMPARKA has been designed and developed wherein the information of migrant workers is being recorded using various parameters. The parameters include the country and state from where they have come back, their skills, age and other related parameters,” said commissioner of the P&RD department Hemen Das.
He added that the software will not only help the government but also help the people to get jobs according to their skills. “The zilla parishads and development blocks have been asked to locate these people and register their information through the online portal,” Das said.

As per the registered figures compiled by the P&RD department, the flow of migrant workers returning to the state has gone down significantly in June compared to May. As per the status report of registered migrant workers who returned to the state from other parts of the country in June (as on Saturday morning), the figure stands at 4,805. On the other hand, the number of registered migrant workers who returned to the state from across the country in May was 8,124. This was the highest number of migrant workers registered by the P&RD department in a month during the Covid-19 crisis. The number of registered migrant workers, who returned from other states in March and April, is 1,446 and 484 respectively.

While majority of the migrant workers were engaged as labourers, cooking and carpentry are the other two professions where a large number of these returnees were engaged. Out of the 16,637 registered migrant workers who returned to Assam from other states, within the state and from abroad till Saturday morning, 8,003 had job cards, whereas 8,634 were without job cards. The status report said 4,122 migrant workers are interested in jobcards and 7,747 in training skills.

Sources in the Assam government said many people, who are skilled, have returned to the urban pockets of Assam. But they are yet to recorded.

The Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM) recently wrote to all deputy commissioners in the districts to furnish the details of the skilled migrant workers. ASDM spokesperson Pinku Choudhury said, “The deputy commissioners have been requested to send us the number of the migrant workers who have returned to the state and want to undergo skills training. A portal is being readied to register their names. We will conduct a one-month long livelihood-based training programme ‘Sudakhya’ for them, focusing mainly on agriculture and horticulture. Giving self-employment to the skilled migrant workers is the objective. Ways are being planned to connect them to schemes.”

News Source The Times Of India

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