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Dr.Pravin Bhai Togadia in Guwahati: Suggests annexation of Bangladesh land

  • Assam

NN Bureau, Guwahati, 13 February: Dr. Pravin Tagodia, President of Antarrashtriya Hindu Parishad released a press meet at Guwahati Press Club along with Dinesh Kalita (President, Rashtriya Bajrang Dal), T.S. Sarma (President, Axom Pradesh), Apurba Saikia (Vice President, Axom Pradesh), Rabin Ch Bhuyan (Secretary).

Dr. Pravin Tagodia’s main objective for the press meet was to express his views regarding detection and deportation of the infiltrators present in Assam. According to him, the infiltrators are legalised and facilitated with government schemes. Moreover, 14 lakh people(tribes and non tribes) who lost their documents in flood are kept out from NRC and planned to make them as infiltrators.

So, he demanded to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to capture the Bangladeshi land to inhabitate the 80 lakhs infiltrators present in Assam.

He also demanded to the Assam government to file a case against Aminul Islam for insulting Assam. In terms of CAA, Dr. Togadia said that the Hindu Bangladeshis and minority Hindus from Pakistan should be rehabilitated in industrial cities of India like Surat, Ludhiana, Haryana, Mangalore etc. The cities should be offered 10,000 crore by the Union Govt for this purpose.

He blamed BJP govt for not working on the infiltrators. He said that Assam govt did not work on making Assam free from Bangladeshi. Even the central govt is also ignoring the issues of Assam.
Reported by Nisha Sharma and Purabi Kalita.

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