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Snowfall in Nagaland after a gap of 40 years!

It may have taken a while—four decades as some reports claim—but it finally snowed in parts of Nagaland last week and it’s turned the region into a winter wonderland. The rolling green mountains and meadows in the districts of Zunheboto, Kiphire, Phek and Tuensang were blanketed in fresh powder due to a biting cold wave in northeast India.

Nagaland weather in January 2020
Snow is an uncommon phenomenon in Nagaland. At this time of the year, the temperature usually drops to 10-11°C, but last week, the temperatures dropped to 2-3°C. Several other parts of the northeast are also experiencing extreme cold conditions. Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh on Monday was the most frigid city in the northeast on Monday at a temperature of 2.9°C. The conditions were similar in Imphal in Manipur, while Shillong reported a low of 5°C.

It’s not just the northeast. Delhi reported its lowest temperature last week in nearly six years at a temperature of 1.4°C.

When life gives you snow, you make a snowman and snow angels—such seems the spirit of the people in Nagaland.

News Source : CN Traveller

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