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Trump’s visit: What does expert say

  • Assam

NN Bureau, 23 February:

In a Conversation with Dr. Gauranga Kumar Sarma

Q: What profit will India get after the visit of Donald Trump?

Reply: The benefits of Donald Trumps visit in India are: Firstly, Donald’s gestures are very funny while talking and so more people follow him. This is the reason that people will come to know about his visit to India especially to Gujarat. In such a way it will lead to more tourism in Gujarat. Secondly, Trump needs more man power for his country. And half of the Indian populations in America are from Gujarat who became NRI. In that way more people will get chance to work in USA from Gujarat. Also, BJP government will get support from the state and NRIs which is very important for the upcoming elections.

Q: What is the loss of Northeast and especially Assam for the cancellation on the visit of Japan’s Prime Minister due to Anti CAA movement?

Reply: Since the intelligence bureau of the country informed that some groups and common people could create problem for the Prime mister’s visit which can be a shameful thing for India. so the visit was cancelled. If we talk about the loss of North East especially Assam then yes, it was a great loss. Because due to the cancellation of Japan’s Prime Minister’s visit many deals are canceled. Many youths could have got chance to work in Japan. In terms of tourism also it was a big loss because people are afraid to visit here after the Anti CAA movement. If the Summit would have been successful than it could had attracted Japanese. Since Japanese visits Nagaland and Manipur due to burials of Soldiers so it is a War Tourism which is benefitted only to those states.

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