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1 minor girls dies after three young girls consume poisoned “chowmein.”

  • Assam

In Baksa, Assam, three young students are said to have eaten poisoned “chowmein,” one of whom died.

Sources claim that on the evening of December 8, the three girls wrote inappropriate content on the tuition center’s blackboard before leaving for their houses. The next day, their classmates told the teacher who had later called them that they had written their names on the inappropriate content.

Following their admission of mistakes, the three students went to a nearby fast-food restaurant and purposefully added poison to their “chowmein,” which they then ate. The students became extremely ill after consuming, and they were admitted to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) to receive emergency care.

Sadly, one of them passed away from the poisoning while receiving medical attention.

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