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A fire incident occurred in the Hatigaon area of Guwahati

A major fire in the Hatigaon area resulted in the total destruction of a house. Despite the fact that no one was hurt in the incident, there were significant property losses totaling lakhs of rupees. Sources claim that on Friday, the fire started in house number 8 on Hatigaon’s Ajanta Path in Guwahati. A family used to reside in the house while paying rent. A motorbike that was parked outside was also destroyed by the fire, which consumed all the valuables. Three fire tenders were put into service as soon as the emergency services and fire personnel arrived at the scene. The vehicles were able to put out the fire and stop it from getting any closer to the surrounding residences. While the exact reason for the fire remained unknown, there was conjecture that an electrical short circuit served as the primary cause.

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