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Alleged Bike Lifter Beaten and Handed Over to Police by Locals in Assam’s Cachar District

In the Mohanpur area of the Katigorah constituency in Assam’s Cachar district, locals apprehended an individual suspected of being a bike thief on Monday. The incident unfolded as the alleged bike lifter, en route to Meghalaya with a suspected stolen bike, was confronted by residents. They subjected him to physical assault, including shaving his head, before delivering him to the authorities.

According to sources, the stolen bike had been reported missing from Badarpur the previous day, prompting the vehicle owner to notify the Badarpur police station. While the police have initiated an investigation into the case, concerns among locals have escalated due to a rise in bike thefts in the area. Residents are urging the police to take decisive action and swiftly apprehend the bike lifting gang responsible for the surge in incidents.

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