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Assam Government Considers College Mergers, Halting Teacher Recruitment in Low-Enrollment Departments

  • Assam

The Assam government, led by Education Minister Ranoj Pegu, is contemplating the cessation of teacher recruitment in colleges and the potential merging of institutions or specific departments with low student enrollment. This move aligns with the government’s existing policy of school amalgamation based on low student numbers. Pegu revealed that a meeting was held with the principals and governing body presidents of 79 colleges with fewer than 500 enrolments, discussing strategies to enhance enrollment and prioritize the gross enrolment ratio (GER) in higher education.

The minister has instructed the Higher Education Department to formulate a policy for the merger of colleges or departments experiencing lower student numbers, akin to the approach taken by the school education department. The government aims to merge institutions or departments with low enrollment and halt the recruitment of teachers for departments facing such challenges.

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