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A cyclist from Pune reached Dhubri with the goal of cycling to Myanmar

Rajendra Chauthey, a cyclist from Pune, arrived in Dhubri on Monday as part of his goal to ride a bicycle across the entire nation. Before reaching Dhubri, he had already covered more than 30,000 km through several states and union territories.

According to Chauthey, he set out on this adventure in September of this year with the intention of raising awareness of environmental problems and endorsing cycling as a healthy and eco-friendly form of transportation. In addition, he encouraged youths to make cycling a habit for the environment and their own health.

Chauthey intends to travel to the district of South Salmara Mankachar before moving on to Meghalaya. After that, he will travel through Manipur and the northeastern states before arriving in Myanmar. He stated that he intends to finish his voyage by the end of 2024.

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