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Aaranyak and British Asian Trust Collaborate to Address Human-Elephant Conflict Through Lemon Farming Training

  • Assam

A special training program, conducted by Aaranyak in collaboration with the British Asian Trust, aimed to address the human-elephant conflict in Assam while providing livelihood opportunities through lemon farming. The program, held in villages of Jeypore, Dibrugarh, and Konwarbam, targeted 38 villagers to equip them with sustainable lemon farming skills. The initiative not only supports the community in creating effective bio-fences against human-elephant conflicts but also focuses on plantation techniques, pest control, management, and market linkage for lemons. Conservation biologist Dr. Alolika Sinha expressed gratitude for local cooperation, emphasizing the program’s alignment with Aaranyak and British Asian Trust’s goal of fostering organic coexistence between humans and elephants in Assam and Meghalaya. The training program, which included expert sessions by Sanghamitra Sarmah and Sharmistha Borgohain, provides a sustainable solution to reduce challenges posed by the human-elephant conflict while offering an additional source of livelihood for the community through Assam lemon cultivation.

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