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Assam Finance Minister Allocates Rs. 286.61 Crore for Cultural Affairs After Guinness World Record Achievement

Assam Finance Minister Ajanta Neog, celebrating the state’s achievement of the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest Bihu performance, proposed a substantial allocation of Rs. 286.61 crore to the Cultural Affairs department in the fiscal year 2024–25. Neog highlighted cultural milestones, such as Bishnu Rabha Divas 2023 and a successful cultural awareness campaign, emphasizing the commitment to enriching Assamese culture. The proposed budget aims to support artists, enabling their active participation in national and international events. Additionally, the state government plans to continue providing financial assistance to registered Bihu committees, allocating Rs. 34.5 crore for this initiative, and announced the organization of a record-level Bohag Bihu event in New Delhi.

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