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Assam’s Trailblazing Women Shine in Science: A Triumphant Showcase on International Day of Women and Girls in Science

In a remarkable celebration of women’s accomplishments in science, three extraordinary individuals from Assam are gaining well-deserved recognition on both national and international platforms.

Aishwarya Sharma’s Crucial Role in India’s Sun Mission:
Aishwarya Sharma, Assistant Professor at Bahona College, has become a pivotal figure in India’s Sun Mission. As the Joint Investigator Scientist, she played a crucial role in the Aditya-L1 mission, particularly as the Principal Investigator of the Aditya Telescope since 2015, showcasing her dedication to advancing astronomical research.

Priyanka Das Rajkakati’s Antarctic Expedition and Forbes Recognition:
Aerospace engineer Priyanka Das Rajkakati, hailing from Dhemaji, Assam, recently completed a groundbreaking expedition to Antarctica as part of the Homeward Bound program. Overcoming challenges in the treacherous Drake’s Passage, Priyanka’s resilience earned her a spot in Forbes India’s ’30 Under 30,’ an annual recognition of the country’s brightest young stars in STEMM fields.

ISRO Scientist Uddipana Kalita’s Contribution to Chandrayaan-3:
Uddipana Kalita, a distinguished ISRO scientist from Jamugurihat, played a pivotal role in the successful execution of the Chandrayaan-3 mission. Her academic journey, starting at KV No 2, Airforce Station, Tezpur, and graduating with distinction in Electronics and Communication Engineering from AMITY University in 2012, reflects her unwavering commitment to space exploration and scientific excellence.

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