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Debt-Stricken Assam Businessman Takes Drastic Step, Allegedly Commits Suicide Amid Financial Hardships

In a tragic turn of events, Kishore Kumar Borthakur, a businessman burdened by debt, reportedly took his own life by hanging at his shop in Tarajan, Jorhat, Assam. The deceased, a resident of Khowang in Dibrugarh district, had borrowed Rs. 80,000 from a creditor named Nabajit, who, along with his wife, visited Kishore’s house to reclaim the money. Faced with financial challenges and unable to repay the debt, Kishore resorted to suicide. His wife, unaware of the extent of the borrowing, discovered the grim reality after Nabajit’s visit and subsequent threats of legal action. The police were alerted when Kishore’s shop was found unlocked, leading to the discovery of his lifeless body. The authorities arrived, recovered the corpse, and initiated a post-mortem examination. The incident sheds light on the severe consequences of financial distress faced by individuals.

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