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Dhubri Police Rescue 15 Migratory Ducks, Crack Down on Illegal Trading

Dhubri Sadar police, led by Sub-Inspector Rajesh Kumar, rescued 15 Ruddy shelducks, a species of migratory ducks, from an illegal trader near Aironjongla bazar area. The police seized bamboo baskets and an E-Rickshaw in the operation. The ducks were handed over to Dhubri forest division, which released them into their natural habitat. Local environmentalist Mehtab Uddin Ahmed emphasized the importance of protecting migratory birds, particularly in the Brahmaputra River region, calling for increased patrolling and awareness campaigns to prevent illegal trade and poaching. Ahmed urged the people of Dhubri to take pride in their rich biodiversity and respect the wildlife that visits the area every year.

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