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Dual Tragedies Strike Assam as Fires Ravage Businesses in Sivasagar and Residence in Nagaon

A major fire wreaked havoc in Assam’s Sivasagar district late on Monday night, reducing at least six business establishments to ashes at Kachari Line Tiniali in the town of Amguri. The estimated damages were initially valued at several lakhs. Swift response from fire and emergency services, with three fire tenders rushing to the scene, managed to bring the flames under control. Preliminary investigations point to an electrical short circuit as the likely cause, with detailed assessments pending.

Simultaneously, another significant fire incident unfolded in Nagaon, causing damages of around Rs 4 to 5 lakhs to a private residence in the Dablong Gaon village. The residence, belonging to Jangshed Ali, succumbed to the inferno, believed to have originated from an electrical short circuit. Miraculously, Ali and his family escaped unharmed despite the extensive damage to their home and valuables. The incidents highlight the destructive impact of fires, leaving communities grappling with substantial losses.

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