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BATIC 2024 Inaugurated: Assam Tea Conference Spotlights Small Growers, Sustainability, and Global Promotion

The Bi-Centenary Assam Tea International Conference (BATIC 2024), marking the momentous celebration of two centuries of Assam tea, was inaugurated today by Industry & Commerce Minister Bimal Bora. The conference, known as BATIC 2024, aims to highlight the transformative impact of small tea growers in Assam and facilitate crucial discussions on topics such as climate change, sustainability, technological advancements, and the global promotion of Indian teas.

With over 400 delegates expected from 24 countries, along with Indian representatives, BATIC 2024 delves into key areas, including repositioning tea as a trendy beverage for the younger generation, insights from Asian countries on positioning tea as a wellness beverage, and addressing the effects of climate change on Assam’s tea industry.

Prominent topics on the agenda include regenerative agriculture and the potential for earning carbon credits in the Assam tea industry, the contributions of small tea growers, and strategies for rebranding Assam tea in the e-commerce sales format. The conference will also explore avenues to enhance Assam tea exports to Australia and New Zealand, analyze tea perception among Gen Z and Gen Alpha, and leverage data analytics to boost tea exports.

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