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Gauripur Police Make Striking Arrest of KLO-KN Militant Involved in Extortion

In a significant breakthrough, Gauripur Police apprehended Kanak Adhikary, a member of the militant Koch Nationalism faction of the Kamatapur Liberation Organisation (KLO-KN) on Sunday evening. Adhikary, residing in Ramfalbil village in Kokrajhar district, was caught red-handed while accepting ransom money from an undisclosed businessman in Gauripur, as per police sources.

The arrest sheds light on a wave of extortion activities in Gauripur orchestrated by a faction of KLO-KN militants, reportedly operating from nearby jungle areas within the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). The KLO-KN, a splinter group of KLO, advocates for a separate Kamatapur state covering parts of Assam and West Bengal, opposing peace negotiations with the central government and maintaining a commitment to armed struggle.

Authorities are currently interrogating Kanak Adhikary to gather intelligence on his associates and their activities. Adhikary has been charged under various legal provisions, according to official statements.

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