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Assam Police Denies Involvement in Alleged Spy Case Unveiled by ULFA-I

Assam Police swiftly responded to allegations made by the United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I), denying any involvement in planting a spy within the extremist group. The police refuted claims made in a video released by ULFA-I, asserting that no individual named Manash Borgohain had been sent as a spy to the ULFA-I camp. The official statement clarified that Assam Police did not recruit anyone by that name into its special branch in 2021.

The ULFA-I had earlier released a video announcing the arrest of Borgohain, also known as Mukut Axom, citing a breach of the outfit’s constitution. In a subsequent purported video, Borgohain confessed to being recruited by the Assam Police special branch in 2021, undergoing training to infiltrate the banned outfit, and gathering crucial information. He further alleged the involvement of high-ranking officials from the Assam Police Department in the planning and execution of this operation.

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