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Guwahati Municipal Corporation Steps Up Efforts to Combat Mosquito-Borne Diseases

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) has intensified efforts to control mosquito-borne diseases in the city by hiring additional staff and procuring new equipment for fogging operations. Dr. Preetam Kumar Das, Senior Medical Officer with GMC, stated that several more staff members have been hired to extend fogging operations across more areas. GMC has acquired 10 new handheld fogging machines, 5 vehicle-mounted fogging devices, and 6 additional vehicles, bringing the total number of vehicle-mounted systems to 15. Eight teams are now working in two shifts daily to carry out these operations.

Dr. Das emphasized that in the event of a dengue case, fogging is conducted within a three-kilometer radius of the location. GMC, with the help of ward councillors, has identified and targeted specific wards for mosquito control. Additionally, GMC has released fish that feed on mosquito larvae and applied larvicides in stagnant water bodies. Citizens can report issues via WhatsApp to the helpline number 8811007000, providing details of the problem and its exact location.

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