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Guwahati Spa Raid Exposes Sex Racket, Raises Questions on Licensing

Panbazar Police in Guwahati conducted an unannounced raid at Sea Salt Spa & Unisex Parlour in Ulubari, following numerous complaints about illegal activities. The raid uncovered a sex racket involving young men and women operating clandestinely. Six individuals were apprehended in a concealed chamber during the operation. Shockingly, some of the women involved were from different states, hinting at an interstate racket.

Surprisingly, the spa and parlour held a valid GMC license for “extra” businesses, raising questions about the oversight and compliance of licensing authorities. The incident has prompted further investigation, with the parlour owner, Nirmal Dutta, summoned by the police. The development has exposed potential misgivings in the licensing process and underscores the need for a comprehensive inquiry.

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