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Hit-and-Run Tragedy Unveils Twists: Law Student Confesses, Vehicle Marked ‘Govt. Of Assam’ Recovered

In a tragic incident from January 2024, 54-year-old Narabahadur Thapa lost his life in a hit-and-run near Nalapara on NH-27. The suspect vehicle, initially resembling a police vehicle, caused confusion during investigations. The focus shifted to a private Scorpio, leading to the arrest of Arin Kataki, a 20-year-old BA/LLB student. Kataki confessed to the crime, and police recovered the Scorpio marked “Govt. Of Assam,” adding unexpected complexity.

Additional penal sections, including destruction of evidence and culpable homicide, have been added. Kataki, known for an undisciplined life, now faces legal consequences, with ongoing legal proceedings uncovering further details.

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