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India and ADB Join Forces with $200 Million Loan for Brahmaputra River Flood and Erosion Risk Management

The Government of India and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have officially signed a $200 million loan agreement for the Climate Resilient Brahmaputra Integrated Flood and Riverbank Erosion Risk Management Project in Assam. The initiative aims to strengthen flood and riverbank erosion risk management along the 650 kilometers of the Brahmaputra river. The project builds upon the success of previous ADB-financed efforts in Assam and Bangladesh, focusing on addressing recurrent flooding and riverbank erosion.

The interventions include stabilizing riverbanks, installing pro-siltation measures, and constructing climate-resilient flood embankments in high-priority districts. The project also emphasizes capacity-building, flood forecasting, and warning systems, benefiting approximately 1 million people and enhancing agricultural productivity over 50,000 hectares. The Flood and River Erosion Management Agency of Assam will lead the project, with collaboration from various government agencies.

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