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Kamakhya Temple Prepares for Ambubachi Mela: Key Guidelines and Arrangements Announced

The Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati will close its main gate at 8:35 a.m. on June 22 and reopen at 6:44 a.m. on June 26 for the annual Ambubachi Mela. Key guidelines and arrangements for the festival include:

  • VIP Passes: None will be issued; all visitors, including VIPs, must queue.
  • Road Closures: Main Road to Kamakhya closes at 8 p.m., Pandu Road to Kamakhya Hilltop closes at 9 p.m.
  • Ferry Services: Available only on the Pandu to Kamakhya route; no shuttle services on Kamakhya Main Road.
  • Vehicle Restrictions: Only ambulances and utility vehicles allowed.
  • Food and Water: Regulated distribution by institutions; no arbitrary distribution permitted.
  • Camp Facilities:
    • Kamakhya Railway Station: Capacity 5000 persons.
    • Pandu Port: Main holding area, capacity 12,000-15,000 persons.
    • Naharbari Field Site: Capacity 1000 police personnel.
    • Bongshi Bagan Field Site: Capacity 2000 police personnel.
  • GMC Responsibilities: Maintain street lighting and cleanliness at the temple, camps, and nearby areas.
  • PHE Department: Provide sufficient toilets, bio-toilets, and bathrooms at camps and along pathways.
  • Barricades and Carpeting: On roads at specific locations and from Prashanti Tourist Lodge to Kamakhya Main Gate.
  • Shoe Stalls: Constructed at Nilachal Flyover, Maligaon, and Bangshibagan on the Pandu Road route.
  • Health Camps: Set up in all camps, Kamakhya foothills, and hilltop, with mini ambulance services available.
  • Lighting and Power: PWD (Electrical) and APDCL to ensure adequate and uninterrupted power supply during the Mela.

These measures aim to ensure a safe and organized experience for the thousands of devotees expected to attend.

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