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Karbi Lammet Amei Draws Enthusiastic Crowds at District-Wide Literary Convention

Karbi Lammet Amei, also known as the Karbi Sahitya Sabha, is currently underway in the Kheroni region of the West Karbi Anglong District in Assam. The three-day event, scheduled from January 30 to February 1, has garnered a significant turnout of visitors from across the state.

The Langthat LP School playground in Kheroni is the venue for the district-wise annual convention, where the second day commenced with the traditional flag hoisting by the district president, Si – im Bey, and the general secretary, Ram Singh Kathar. Attendees participated in honoring their ancestors through traditional rituals led by advisors Ramsing Phangcho and Chandrahun Bey.

The program featured various cultural activities, including poem recitations, storytelling, singing in the Karbi language, and other competitions. The event serves as a platform for the community to celebrate and showcase their literary and cultural heritage.

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