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Meghalaya Activist Urges Government to Protect Indigenous Rights Against Uranium Mining

Shillong, March 11, 2024 NN: In a passionate plea to Dr. Jetendra Singh, Honorable Minister of State, Government of India, Mr. Joannes JTL Lamare, Secretary of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in Meghalaya, has raised concerns over the contentious issue of Uranium Mining in the state, particularly in response to the actions of the North East Sunshine Trust (NEST).

Dated March 11, 2024, Lamare’s letter expresses strong opposition to the Trust’s recent statement advocating the resumption of Uranium Mining Operations in Meghalaya. Lamare denounces the Trust’s position, asserting that it does not accurately represent the sentiments of the general population, particularly those residing in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills.

The activist highlights the democratic values of the country, emphasizing the need to respect the opinions and will of the people. He underscores the significance of safeguarding the rights of the Tribal population, as outlined in the Ministry of Tribal Affairs’ notification from July 22, 2019, which emphasizes the protection of Tribal Lands against external forces.

Lamare draws attention to numerous instances where the people of Khasi and Jaintia Hills have openly opposed Uranium Mining, citing news links and videos as evidence of the community’s unified stance against the controversial practice.

The letter incorporates references to international instruments such as the Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the International Labor Organization Convention 169. Lamare urges adherence to these instruments, which protect indigenous rights, emphasizing the importance of respecting the rights of the Tribal population in Meghalaya.

As an International Human Rights Activist, Lamare strongly opposes any move to mine Uranium in Meghalaya and requests the government to take necessary actions to protect the rights of the indigenous people. The letter concludes with Lamare expressing gratitude for any actions taken by the government in response to his plea.

For further inquiries, Mr. Joannes JTL Lamare can be contacted at +91-96126-84646 or through email at

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