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Shocking Assault on Assistant Professor at South Salmara College Sparks Outrage; FIR Filed Against Eight Suspects

A disturbing incident unfolded at South Salmara College as a gang of 10 to 15 young individuals allegedly assaulted Assistant Professor Dr. Mojibur Rahman. The viral video shows the attackers forcefully dragging the professor from the college’s verandah to the field, subjecting him to a brutal assault. Dr. Rahman filed an FIR against eight identified suspects at South Salmara police station. The motive behind the attack remains unknown, leading to outrage in the local community.

In a related incident from the previous year, a woman and her husband reported an assault by hostelers of Cotton University to the Panbazar Police Station. The couple claimed that they were attacked by students of the MNDP Boys’ Hostel, who were allegedly drunk during the assault. While the police initiated an investigation, the hostel authorities denied their students’ involvement, suggesting the miscreants were from outside. Case number 3012/23 was registered at the Panbazar Police Station under relevant sections of the IPC.

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