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The 2nd poetry book by Partha Sarathi Mahanta was released at the Assam Book Fair

At the Assam Book Fair on Thursday, the Sadou Asom Kobi Mancha presented “Nimakhit Kabita,” the second poetry collection by Dr. Parthasarathi Mahanta, at the Dr. Birendra Nath Dutta Sowarni Academy Auditorium.

A well-known police officer who participates in sports and sociocultural events, Dr. Partha Sarathi Mahanta has written poems and articles on a variety of topics. He is extremely well-known for his poetry, particularly the ones that have rooted in Assam. His writings that have received acclaim include “Kamakhya,” “Rhine,” “Majuli,” “Shiva,” and the debut poetry collection “Jibonor Songlap.”

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