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Assamese Engineer Achieves Underwater Milestone: Unfurls Gamosa 20 Meters Deep to Promote Snorkelling

Debojit Bhowmick, a young aerospace engineer from Gauripur in Dhubri district, has achieved a unique feat by unfurling the Assamese Gamosa 20 meters under the sea surface near Murudeshwar, Karnataka. Working as a design engineer in Bangalore, Bhowmick aimed to promote snorkelling, an underwater swimming activity, among the youth of Assam. With a passion for adventure sports, he wanted to showcase the beauty of marine life and encourage people from his state to explore snorkelling, a popular recreational activity. Bhowmick, who considers the Gamosa as a symbol of his cultural identity, expressed his commitment to representing Assam and its pride in various environments, be it in the air, on land, or underwater.

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