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Eight people were detained by Guwahati Police in relation to land document forgeries

  • Assam

The Guwahati Police detained eight persons in relation to the fraudulent land deal that was reported to the Bharalumukh Police Station, three of whom were government employees.

The late Debendra Goswami and his two brothers were the owners of a plot of land measuring one katha 4 lessa at Daag no. 115 Patta no. 1021 on the TRP Road in Bharalumukh, about which Gayatri Sarma had filed a First Information Report (FIR) with the Bharalumukh Police Station. It was stated that the property currently has a value of over Rs 2 crore. The legal heirs discovered that one Manik Das had approached for a mutation displaying a registered sale deed made in 1995 when they relocated to the circle office for the ownership transfer.

The police detained the following individuals after conducting an investigation: Raham Rohman (44), a resident of Ganeshpara under Fatasil Ambari; Niren Choudhary (55), a resident of Shantipur; Tuman Das (25), a resident of BRP Road; and Amulya Kalita (56), a resident of Durgasorbor.

In relation to this Bharalumukh PS case, three government employees of the Sub-Registrar Office are also depicted as being arrested. These employees had previously been taken into custody in other police station cases. These individuals are Sadoy Kumar Deka (39), a resident of Bhaskar Nagar under Geetanagar PS; Nitul Ch Das (21), a resident of Baribari under Mukalmua PS; and Debasish Baruah (37), a resident of Nayanpur Bye Lane 2 under Dispur PS.

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