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“Eti Tumar”: A Heartfelt Assamese Love Saga Enthralls Audiences

“Red River Fund” and “Monsoon Scripts Entertainment” present “eti tumar,” a captivating Assamese film directed by Pervez Ahmed. The movie, which recently premiered in cinemas, has garnered a positive response from viewers.

“Eti Tumar” narrates the poignant love story of childhood sweethearts, Amar and Manasi, whose union is thwarted by familial objections due to caste differences. Spanning three generations, the film portrays their enduring love, with different actors portraying the characters of Amar and Manasi at various life stages.

Amar, portrayed as a brilliant student from a poverty-stricken family, achieves success through hard work but ultimately settles in the USA after Manasi’s mother rejects his proposal. Despite leading separate lives, Amar, now in his seventies, and Manasi, a few years younger, rediscover their bond upon his return to their native village, much to the acknowledgment of his present wife.

Starring Arun Nath and Lipika Bora Medhi as the elder versions of Amar and Manasi, respectively, the film also features notable performances by Anupam Kaushik, Darathie Bharadwaj, and others. While the music draws inspiration from the 2005 Hindi film “Parineeta,” Rupam Jyoti Saikia’s cinematography and Dhrubajit Kalita’s editing contribute commendably to the film’s aesthetic appeal. Executive produced by Anupam Hazarika, “Eti Tumar” promises to captivate audiences, especially aficionados of Assamese cinema.

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