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Innovative Waste Transformation: Jorhat, Assam, Converts Dumping Ground into Resource Hub

Jorhat, Assam, is addressing its urban waste disposal challenge with a pioneering initiative led by the state’s urban development department. The Garmur dumping ground, plagued by accumulating waste, is now the focus of a transformative project. Instead of letting the waste contribute to environmental issues, the authorities are converting it into organic manure and utilizing plastic as fuel in a local cement factory. Around 50 trucks are actively transporting waste to the cement factory, with the goal of completing the project by September. This sustainable approach not only tackles the waste problem but also envisions a park at the Garmur site, transforming a source of pollution into a community asset. Residents are optimistic that this innovative strategy will bring a substantial and lasting solution to the persistent issue of waste generation in Jorhat.

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