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Mystery Surrounds Tragic Deaths in Baghjaan: Authorities Launch Investigation

The Baghjaan locality in Jakhalabandha Nagaon was gripped by mystery following the discovery of the bodies of Balaram Chettri and Pavitra Devi, a couple from Dimapur. Their lifeless bodies were found alongside a bottle believed to contain poison, sparking shock and unanswered questions within the community. Law enforcement swiftly responded, launching an investigation to unravel the circumstances leading to their untimely demise. Initial inquiries suggest they were on a visit to relatives when tragedy struck, but the exact cause remains elusive. Despite efforts by a united crime probe team, the precise cause of their deaths remains unknown, fueling the community’s desire for clarity. Authorities assure the public of their commitment to resolving this puzzling case, though cautioning against premature speculation as the investigation is still in its early stages.

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