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Political Turmoil Grips Assam as Congress Leaders Defect to BJP

Amidst the ongoing political upheaval in Bihar following Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s resignation, Assam is witnessing a parallel storm as key Congress leaders make a dramatic switch to the ruling BJP, sparking a flurry of reactions.

In the wake of this political exodus, criticism surfaces, with Manoranjan Talukdar, the Legislator of Assam’s Sorbhog constituency, expressing concern over the trend. Talukdar underscores the opportunistic nature of leaders changing parties ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, highlighting a lack of commitment to ideological principles.

In a media statement, Talukdar comments, “There are some opportunists who switch parties because they take advantage in different ways; there is no place for ideology. The fact that some leaders are moving from one party to another on the eve of elections is not a good sign for democracy.”

The Sorbhog constituency MLA specifically calls out AASU (All Assam Students’ Union), accusing it of being a platform supplying leaders to both the Congress and the BJP. He identifies leaders like Bismita Gogoi, Angkita Dutta, Dipanka Nath, and Kamal Kumar Medhi as opportunists making the switch to the BJP.

Expressing surprise at Kamal Medhi’s decision, Talukdar notes his astonishment at seeing a vocal critic of the BJP like Medhi joining the ruling party, raising questions about the motivations behind these political shifts. As Assam grapples with this political turbulence, the impact on the state’s political landscape remains uncertain.

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