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Students in North Lakhimpur protest, the headmaster arrested over free bicycle fee

  • Assam

Students from Juba Nagar High School in Laluk, Lakhimpur, protested against the headmaster’s arrest, alleging that he had taken transport money from the students in order to give away free bicycles.

It was alleged that the Head Master, Chakreswar Borah, had taken Rs. 80 from each student in exchange for the free bicycles that were given to Class IX students. According to reports, Borah collected the money to cover the cost of transportation from the 15-kilometer-distance Bihpuria Education Block. Students protested on Tuesday after the Head Master was taken into custody at the school as a result of the report.

The student claimed that the head master was not informed about the money that the students’ union was raising for bicycle transportation. The student union representative added that the Head Master had requested that they return the money to the converned students, and that request had been fulfilled.

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