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The Guwahati Railway Station found fake gold and suspected gold bars

  • Assam

In two different operations on Friday, the Government Railway Police (GRP) found suspected gold bars and fake gold. Sources claim that on Friday, GRP took two bars of allegedly gold from the Guwahati Railway Station. Following a search by GRP officials on the New Delhi Rajdhani Express at the Guwahati Railway Station, two suspected 1.5 kg gold bars were found. In this regard, the team managed to apprehend Karnataka resident Abdul Gani Samnan.

On the other hand, the GRP arrested two West Bengali suspects in another operation for allegedly having fake gold at Kamakhya Railway Station. Reportedly, the GRP at Kamakhya Railway Station’s Platform 1 has retrieved a single metal piece that may have been fake gold. Rudradip Singha and Pravas Ghorai are the two who have been arrested.

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