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Aaranyak Empowers Villagers in Assam with First Aid Training Amid Human-Elephant Conflict

Aaranyak, a leading biodiversity conservation organization, conducted two workshops in Baksa and Tamulpur districts of Assam, training 64 villagers, including 28 women, in administering first aid. The initiative aimed to enhance community resilience amidst human-elephant conflict (HEC). With support from the SBI Foundation, locals were equipped with life-saving skills to address medical emergencies arising from HEC incidents. The workshops, held in remote villages lacking access to medical facilities, received enthusiastic participation, highlighting the community’s commitment to promoting coexistence with elephants. Collaboration with the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) and dedicated AAPDA Mitras ensured the success of the initiative, fostering empathy and empowering locals to respond effectively and compassionately to elephant encounters.

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