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Assam Rail Passengers’ Association Calls for Review of ABSS Stations and Work Program

The Assam Rail Passengers’ Association (ARPA) has requested a review of the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS) station selection and work program in a letter to the NF Railway’s Principal Chief Commercial Manager. ARPA’s general secretary, Dipankar Sharma, raised concerns about the exclusion of key stations like Goalpara and Dibrugarh Town (DBRT), emphasizing their importance.

Sharma highlighted that DBRT, near commercial and educational centers, is particularly vital for development but has been neglected. He also questioned the necessity of additional 12-meter-wide Foot Over Bridges (FOBs) at Rangapara North (RAPN) and Rangiya Junction (RNY), proposing more efficient use of funds for amenities like toilets, drinking water, waiting rooms, and pathways.

The letter emphasized the need for ramp facilities for passengers with disabilities and seniors. Sharma stressed that lifts or escalators cannot substitute for ramps and called for FOBs to be designed to facilitate passengers’ daily needs. The focus is on making stations more accessible and functional for all passengers, as ARPA seeks a justifiable and equitable distribution of ABSS benefits.

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