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Beekeeping Blossoms: A Tale of Sustainability and Empowerment in Sonitpur, Assam

Amid global concerns regarding declining bee populations due to pesticide use, beekeeping emerges as a vital endeavor for environmental sustainability and economic empowerment in Assam’s Sonitpur district. Babul Bania, along with his son Geetarth Bania, exemplifies this initiative, having embarked on their beekeeping journey despite challenges and limited government support. Inspired by a government-sponsored training program in 2019, the Bania family has diligently pursued beekeeping, producing high-quality, indigenous honey while maintaining purity and authenticity. Despite initial hurdles, their commitment has led to success, with their honey gaining popularity in the local market. With multiple honey-producing boxes yielding over one litre of honey per day, the Banias have completed necessary registration procedures for their enterprise and are now poised to mentor the next generation of beekeepers, embodying a sustainable and empowering model for the community.

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