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Former Police Officer and Brother Arrested for Motorcycle Theft in Dhubri

In a shocking incident, two brothers, including a former police officer, were arrested for stealing a motorcycle from the Dhubri District Commissioner’s office premises. The theft involved a Pulsar bike with registration number 17J 9850.

The Dhubri police swiftly apprehended the culprits, Naba Barman and his younger brother, Neel Akash, after receiving a complaint from the bike’s owner. Naba, a former police constable appointed after his father’s death at the hands of a militant group, has a notorious history with the law, including previous arrests for drug trade and theft.

Neel Akash had been actively assisting Naba in criminal activities. Their actions have caused panic and insecurity among the local population. The police have recovered the stolen bike and are investigating the brothers’ other criminal activities, highlighting ongoing challenges in tackling drug-related crimes and ensuring public safety in the region.

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