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NEEPCO Issues Alert and Releases Water from Ranganadi Dam Due to Heavy Rainfall in Arunachal Pradesh

Heavy rainfall in Arunachal Pradesh has led to increased water levels in the catchment area of the Ranganadi Hydro Electric Plant (RHEP), operated by NEEPCO. NEEPCO issued an alert warning of potential releases from the Ranganadi dam due to rising reservoir levels caused by continuous rainfall.

Initially, NEEPCO opened Dam Gate No. 1 by 100 mm on Saturday at 6:45 am, followed by a further increase to 300 mm at 9:20 am. As of the latest update, NEEPCO has been releasing additional water by opening Dam Gate No. 1 by 600 mm since Friday at 1:50 pm.

Residents are cautioned against approaching river banks due to the heightened water levels and ongoing releases from the dam.

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