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Tensions Rise in Rupahihat Over Alleged Attempt to Mask Woman’s Murder as Suicide

The recovery of a woman’s body in Assam’s Rupahihat took a tense turn on Saturday as the deceased’s in-laws faced accusations from her grieving family. The deceased woman’s relatives claim that her in-laws attempted to portray the tragic incident as a suicide, adding to the anguish of losing their childless daughter.

Fatema Khatun, hailing from Jiumarigaon near Rupahihat in the Nagaon district, had married Tafajjul Islam of Salmarigaon four years ago. While the initial period seemed normal, complaints from her family suggest that the in-laws subjected her to unspeakable harassment.

The woman, unable to conceive after four years of marriage, allegedly faced both physical and mental torment from her in-laws. Following her purported suicide, her husband and his family reportedly disappeared.

Seeking justice, the deceased woman’s family approached Rupahihat Police, filing a complaint against the husband and in-laws. An ongoing investigation is underway, with officials addressing the matter and probing into the allegations.

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