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Woman Robbed of Rs. 26,000 in Broad Daylight on Guwahati Bus

In an alarming incident, Suneshwari Kalita fell victim to a daylight robbery on May 22 while traveling on a city bus in Guwahati. Kalita, who was en route from Adabari to Panbazar, had her bag containing Rs. 26,000 stolen by a thief who bumped into her during the journey.

Kalita, an employee of the Guwahati Commissionerate of Police, was carrying the money to buy medicines for her son, who is hospitalized following a severe road accident. The theft occurred so swiftly that she only realized her purse was missing after the thief had already exited the bus.

Distressed by the loss, Kalita filed a complaint at the Panbazar Police Station. Police have launched an investigation, although identifying the culprit is challenging due to the lack of eyewitnesses and camera footage. This incident highlights the rising need for vigilance on public transportation in Guwahati.

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