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Golaghat Incident: Man Injured in Police Firing After Rampage

A sensational incident unfolded in Golaghat, resulting in one person, Baba Shyam, being hospitalized after sustaining injuries from police gunfire. On Monday, Baba Shyam, armed with an iron rod, terrorized the Kumarpatty area in Golaghat town, attacking local residents, including women and an anganwadi worker. The situation escalated when Shyam unleashed terror in Sanjeev Bora’s house, injuring Bora and his wife. Despite police intervention, Shyam continued to resist, prompting officers to open fire, injuring him. Both Shyam and Bora were admitted to Golaghat Shaheed Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital, with senior police officials launching an investigation into the incident.

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